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Preparatory and demolition work has begun in the premises of Schulz’s brickworks

Preparatory and demolition work in the area of Schulz’s brickworks is in full swing these days. The area of the Schulz brickworks is an iconic building of the city of Sučany and at the same time an object that carries its historical heritage.

Skvelou správou pre začatie prípravných a búracích práce je získanie právoplatných povolení:

  • felling permit,
  • demolition permit for renovation of existing biuldings,
  • zonig decision for the construction of apartment biuldings.

Removal of original buildings based on a demolition permit

The developer reminds that, despite the rehabilitation of the complex, he tries to recycle as many materials as possible. Each type of material is therefore stored and transported separately. It is through recycling that he wants to help reduce the carbon footprint, he also talks about sustainability and other pillars on which the parent company, Constario GROUP, is based. Simply, the goal is to ensure that the smallest possible amount of material is taken to the landfill.

At the moment, the felling of invasive trees is being carried out, which will be chipped and the chips will be used for heat production. Furthermore, remediation work is underway on individual objects, while individual materials are being sorted.

All metals (copper, aluminum, steel structures), glass, plastics, glass wool, technological equipment, cable distribution and similar materials will be recycled. Concrete and tiles will be crushed and used as a base layer for reinforced surfaces.

After the demolition, Schulz’s courtyard is to grow on the land in the very area of the former brickworks. According to the plans, it will involve the construction of 98 housing units in 6 apartment buildings with almost 160 parking spaces and a private kindergarten.

“We perceive Schulz’s courtyard as a project inspired by the industrial era and brick contact cladding, which, in combination with current modern trends, will create a residential part of the old center in the former area of Schulz’s brick factory, spacious living and rich opportunities for spending free time,” added company manager Ján Urík.

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