Schulz´s courtyard

Each work of art is a distinctive story about the creator, their life and self-expression. Architects can also give their work an artistic direction that is as unique as their handwriting. Such a direction that will accompany us as an important part of our lives.

Schulz’s courtyard, like few other projects, has an exceptional atmosphere inspired by the industrial era and brick contact cladding, which carries a distinctive historical heritage. A heritage that, in combination with current modern trends, creates a residential district in the old centre in the former Schulz brickworks, with spacious housing and rich leisure opportunities.

Residential buildings in the Schulz’s courtyard project will be arranged to create a semi-private square with park-like greenery, original trees, a children’s playground, a seating area, and a workout zone. The project will include 98 housing units, a reception, a common room, 157 parking spaces and a private kindergarten.

Together with the residents and visitors of the square, they will create a characteristic friendly atmosphere and enhance the character of the historical building.




98 flats, kindergarten




Under construction