About Us

Unique architecture and modern design. At Constario DEVELOPMENT, we strive to work with the best designers and architects to build a brighter future.

We work responsibly, professionally, credibly. We are willing to learn, grow and adapt to a changing world. We are brave, persistent and flexible, always doing something extra.

Our goal is to prepare and build projects that contribute to increasing the potential of their local area, especially the natural environment. Constario DEVELOPMENT strives to create projects offering innovative solutions not only for the high end of the market.

Our portfolio consists of 12 projects in the residential sector. However, in the future we aim to add projects that designed for the commercial sector. The philosophy of Constario DEVELOPMENT is to create projects that improve the quality of life and contribute to sustainable development. Suppliers, partners and future employees are carefully selected with an eye on this goal. Its practical implementation can be seen in projects such as Malá Praha, Luhy Park, Viladomy Rosina, Treepark Residence, 2DUBY Považská and others.

Every project is based on an effort to change and improve the world we live in. Every project has a story and can bring something new and unique to our architectural landscape.

12+ projects

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150+ housing units

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