Panorama living

With its design and location, the Panorama Living residence brings an exceptional housing option of an above-standard apartment complex with its own garden and beautiful panoramic views. PANORAMA LIVING is a project designed to appeal to a clientele deciding between building a house and an apartment in the city.

It consists of  a single building set into the hillside containing 4 apartments. Access to the apartment building is from the top, with garages installed on the roof of the apartment building. Panorama Living is located in the beautiful area of Hôrky with a wonderful panoramic view of the Malá Fatra Mountains, Martinky, and Lietava Castle. The unique layout is designed with your everyday life in mind to the last square metre and offers more space than you would expect. In addition, there are spacious green gardens right outside the window.




4 flats


Žilina – Hôrky