Lofts Malá Praha

The Malá Praha Lofts project builds on our previous project – Malá Praha. The composition of the Malá Praha Lofts project will be located not far from the centre of Žilina with easy access to the whole city.

Lofts – airy living in open spaces with high, 5-meter ceilings – were originally popular with artists. Today, we will introduce it as a new, increasingly popular type of urban housing with a high standard. Malá Praha Lofts will offer generosity of space, light, height, but also intimacy, thus adapting to you as much as possible and you will find it a pleasant and refreshing way of living.


Building modifications in block B in the Malá Praha building, where the lofts will be located, will not only create 6 spacious apartments of this type, but also 2 beautiful, spacious office units with private parking. The project is all about original architecture and premium materials – creating a space that pleases the eye and touch.

Of course, all this requires the skilful eye of an interior designer – Roman Ficek – the designer.




6 loft flats, 2 office premises




Undergoing preparation