Green Residence Republiky 21

The Green Residence Republiky 21 project is a perfect example of capturing two opposing worlds – nature and the city centre – that meet in one place. The city often calls to mind a hectic lifestyle, diverse culture, and a wealth of opportunities, while nature can represent peace, connection with tradition, and simplicity. This contrasting dynamic creates an interesting dialogue between different ways of life in the project.

The project, set right in the city centre of Žilina, prides itself on the use of modern architectural elements and natural materials. The added value of this multifunctional building and functionally designed housing units is not only its location, but also its living architecture, which is one of our basic principles.

In total, 10 large-scale apartments will be created, including one 8-room penthouse with a swimming pool on the roof of the apartment building, as well as its own wellness and relaxation area. In addition, 3 non-residential units will be created (two will house a beauty salon and one a notary) and 26 garage parking spaces.

For us, the Green Residence Republiky 21 project represents a fusion of beauty and harmony with elegance and precision that persist and inspire.

Of course, all this requires the skilful eye of an interior designer – Roman Ficek – the designer.




9 large apartments, 1 penthouse, 3 non-residential units




Undergoing preparation