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The 2DUBY Považská project is approved

The 2DUBY project in Považská Bystrica (Summer Oak – Stage I) is officially completed and approved. In total, 117 new apartments will be added to the Rozkvet housing estate (62 apartments in stage I and 55 apartments in stage II). Almost 90% of the new housing units already have their owners, they will be moving in the next few weeks.

The approval of the first stage (Summer Oak) in the 2DUBY Považská project, next to which the new city park on an area of ​​almost 23,000 m2 is gradually being completed, will bring not only new housing, but also many opportunities for rest and relaxation.

Offer of apartments in the 2DUBY Považská project

The 2DUBY project in Považská Bystrica offers a total of 117 apartments consisting of 12 one-room, 46 two-room, 46 three-room, 11 four-room and 2 five-room apartments. The price level ranges from 96,985 euros for a one-room apartment to 311,204 euros for a five-room apartment (maisonette). There are currently more than 5 vacant apartments in the I. stage and 32 vacant apartments in the II. stages, which you can also find on the project website.

Financing the way it suits you

For quality housing in the 2DUBY Považská project, we offer various types of financing and benefits that increase the availability of housing. Our skilled mortgage specialists will make it easier for you to buy an apartment in 2DUBOCH. Just reach out to them!

Financing through the State Housing Development Fund (ŠFRB)

We will arrange financing for you through state support with favorable interest rates from 1% and fixation for the entire repayment period.

Who is the state loan intended for?

  • Spouses under 35 (interest 1%)
  • Spouses with a child under 6 years old (1% interest)
  • Newlyweds under 35 years of age from marriage 3 years (1% interest)
  • Child up to 35 years old (1% interest)
  • ŤZP (interest 1%)
  • Single parent with a child under the age of 15 (1% interest)

Whether you want to wait for more favorable mortgage terms or you don’t have enough cash of your own, we will advise you and handle all the paperwork for you.

You can find an overview of available apartments in the 2DUBY Považská project on this page.