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2DUBY held the 2nd Open Day directly at the construction site in Považská Bystrica

The 2DUBY project at Rozkvet has already taken on real contours. Visitors peeked into its interior during the weekend open day. The Open Day (DOD) in the well-known residential complex on Rozkveta is an event that is very popular with visitors. If you haven’t visited 2DUBY yet, now is the time. Finally, judge for yourself.

Program and delicious refreshments for Open Day visitors

2DUBY caters to those interested in new, comfortable housing. In order for interested parties to have a better idea of their new home, they could see sample ready-made apartments at DOD. They met the interior designers of 2DUBOV, who gave them inspiration for a more beautiful home, and a financial advisor advised them how to save money when financing housing. All the time, those interested in new housing were accompanied by salespeople who willingly and with full commitment answered any questions. In addition, delicious refreshments were prepared for the visitors right on the construction site from a skilled grill master, a photo booth in the front gardens and on the green roofs.

They evaluated the overall concept

During the open day, only people who booked an appointment in advance had access to the building. Husband and wife Daniel and Ivana, who like living in symbiosis with nature, came to see how the construction of their 2-room apartment is progressing. “We are not urban types, we were especially attracted by the surroundings and the planned park. There is a lot of greenery and a wonderful view,” stated Ivana, adding that parking also played an important role in choosing an apartment. We all know what it’s like to park anywhere in the city. We are glad that we will not have this problem here,” she added. Both agreed that times are extremely difficult today, especially when it comes to financing, but the need to own a home remains a priority, regardless of the obstacles.

Added value of the investment

Mr. Milan and his wife Viktoria live in an older apartment in one of the housing estates in Považská Bystrica. The 2DUBY project appealed to them right from the start. “Already during the initial information and finding out the details, we knew that this would be the place for us to live together. We are already middle-aged people with certain demands who also look at the added value of the investment. We were impressed by the layout of the apartment, the overall concept, the greenery around and especially the garage with two elevators. With a dry foot from the garage to the apartment,” the husband and wife, who both work from home and choose their new place of residence, agree. They already know today that they will also use the service of an architect, which is included in the package when buying an apartment. They are really looking forward to their new home.

Living now but in a year? That’s the question. However, 2DUBY has an answer for her

Stage I (Oak letný) is currently in the approval process, with the last 6 apartments remaining. However, II. etapa (Dub zimný), which received a valid building permit and launched sales, offers more than 40 vacant apartments of various room sizes.
Come and see if you like.