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The 2DUBY project in Považská Bystrica received a valid building permit for construction II. stages of the project called Winter Oak

An exhibition will begin on the property in the near future. Almost a quarter of the total number of 55 apartments is already reserved.

Premium with a prospective location and lots of greenery

The new housing project in Považská Bystrica, the Rozkvet housing estate, enters the next stage and brings something new again. Thanks to its location, it will offer new residents unique views of the surrounding mountains, as well as a newly built city park. The offered apartments will bring residents not only excellent transport accessibility, but also a park connected to the promenade in the future with the next exhibition.

The quality of the 2DUBY Považská project is, in addition to the premium location, the amount of greenery that will be offered to its future residents in a unique way. Right next to it, it will have a newly built city park with a children’s playground, elements for seniors, a workout, a gazebo, fireplaces, a barbecue house, a chess table for tournaments in the park or sitting by the natural lake or enjoying a coffee in the park caffe, which will be opposite the amphitheater.

Living now but in a year? That’s the question. However, 2DUBY has an answer for her

Stage I (Oak letný) is currently in the approval process, with the last 6 apartments remaining. However, II. etapa (Dub zimný), which received a valid building permit and launched sales, offers more than 40 free apartments of various rooms.
Come and see if you like.

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