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The TRNKY project started preparatory and field work for the construction of retaining walls

At the heart of every successful construction project lies carefully executed preparatory and field work. This is especially true in the construction of retaining walls, which not only provide stability and security, but also aesthetics. The TRNKY project is one of those that show us how precisely and expertly performed preparatory and field work can contribute to the creation of a complex and functional environment.

Obtaining valid permission

After obtaining a valid construction permit for the retaining walls, preparatory and field work for the construction of the retaining walls was started.

Excavation and field work – step by step

Constario, s.r.o. starts with the first “shovels” in the ground. first excavation work. In the case of retaining walls, a foundation trench is dug that serves as a support for the walls themselves. During these works, the exact dimensions and heights according to the project plans are observed.

To ensure the long life of the retaining walls, workers apply protective layers on site. These can include waterproofing materials that protect the walls from soil moisture and protective layers against erosion.

The key step in the field work is the concreting itself and the construction of retaining walls. Workers will carefully pour the concrete, ensuring that each layer is properly seated and provides the necessary stability. With the TRNKY project, we can expect that the walls will not only be functional, but also visually attractive.

More about the project

For the TRNKY project, we were inspired by modern trends both visually and technically, with an emphasis on quality, practicality, green strategy, sustainability and especially green energy.

Family houses are ideal for those looking for standard or above-standard space, excellent accessibility (7 km from the city center) and a prospective location with excellent civic amenities. The icing on the cake is the high level of privacy and the very peaceful, safe and quiet neighborhood and newly established residential area.

More about project